Cosmetic tattooing is fast becoming a go to treatment for clients wanting a more permanent result to their every day makeup application. Cosmetic tattooing works by embedding pigment into the skins dermis layer, creating enhanced features of the face similar to the appearance of makeup.

Cosmetic tattooing is a multi session process with 2 or more sessions needed before you will achieve the desired result, usually about 4-6 weeks apart depending on how your skin heals.

Yearly perfection sessions are required after that.

There are multiple types of techniques in which your therapist can utilise to create the brow that best suits you, from natural, barely there to fuller more dense coverage of the brow.

Other areas that are able to be cosmetically tattooed are the lip line and eye line.

During your consultation your therapist will cover everything from a skin analysis to desired shape, thickness and after care and follow up appointments. 

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